Hi, I am Edward Githinji

Backend Dev

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What I do

Fullstack Web Development

I Primarily create fast and responsive API services with Django and FastAPI for backend services. I work with JavaScript, TypeScript, React, NextJS, HTML and CSS to create seamless and intuitive frontend web solutions

Hardware Integration

I integrate hardware devices such as camera, biometric scanners etc. with software solutions. I have experience working with Kurento and openvidu for camera streaming and integration of biometric scanners for access control management

Web Scraping

I use Python and more specifically BeautifulSoup and Selenium libraries to scrape websites and subsequently create ETL pipelines that convert raw scraped data into clean and ready to use information matching clients' specifications


I work with PostgreSQL, MySQL, ElasticSearch and python for comprehensive data storage, indexing and analysis

My Work

Who I am

Developer based in Kenya

I am a fullstack developer - primarily on the backend located in Nairobi, Kenya. I enjoy creating APIs and tinkering with hardware devices which when combined, makes a multitude of perceived impossibles to be possible. Some may consider it magic, others science but I believe it to be an artform on the canvas that is the internet. I am dilligent, resourceful and derive enjoyment in solving problems with an OCD level attention to detail

I do also enjoy playing football, bike riding, and a big fan of watching basketball and Formula1 in my sparetime

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My Work

A selection of my range of work

qazzi example baraza example ofisini example horizon example csoc example